Transformative Justice

Transformative Justice

Liberatory means for liberatory ends.

To find out more about Transformative Justice goals, principals, and application, please see Transformative Justice Handbook  (PDF).

gen5 2017 Transformative Justice Handbook

generationFIVE has spent the last decade, with allies across movements and across the country, developing Transformative Justice. Transformative Justice is an approach to respond to and prevent child sexual abuse and other forms of violence that puts transformation and liberation at the heart of the change. It is an approach the looks at the individual and community experiences as well as the social conditions, and looks to integrate both personal and social transformation.

Our aim was to develop intervention and prevention that aligned with:

  • our analysis of child sexual abuse as both one of the symptoms and perpetuators of oppression and violence
  • a politic committed to systemic change and liberation
  • our commitment to healing, agency, and accountability
  • the actual relationships and situations in which child sexual abuse happens
  • the oppression and limitations of state responses

Through this we developed Transformative Justice. We are excited by the exploration and experimentation with similar approaches that we, along with others are engaging in, as we learn to apply the principles and practices of Transformative Justice.

The goals of Transformative Justice are:

  • Safety, healing, and agency for survivors
  • Accountability and transformation for people who harm
  • Community action, healing, and accountability
  • Transformation of the social conditions that perpetuate violence – systems of oppression and exploitation, domination, and state violence

The principles of a Transformative Justice approach to addressing all forms of violence include:

  • Liberation
  • Shifting Power
  • Safety
  • Accountability
  • Collective Action
  • Respecting Cultural Differences/Guarding Against Cultural Relativism
  • Sustainability

To find out more about Transformative Justice goals, principals, and application, please see Transformative Justice Handbook (PDF).

Transformative Justice invites us to ask:

  • How do we build our personal and collective capacity to respond to trauma and support accountability in a transformative way?
  • How do we shift power towards collective liberation?
  • How do we build effective and sustainable movements that are grounded in resilience and life-affirming power?

Transformative Justice Collaboratives:
As of January 2013, there are Transformative Justice Collaboratives in New York, the Challenging Male Supremacy Project, and the San Francisco Bay Area, the Bay Area Transformative Justice Collective.