generationFIVE: A History

1995 Staci Haines founds runriot!, a survivor activist group in the Bay Area which was formed after recognizing a lack of visible community organizing that addresses child sexual abuse as a political/social change issue. One of their first actions was a survivor’s contingent at the San Francisco Pride Parade and Gillian Harkins joins for this action.

1997-1999 Key runriot! activists convened a series of community based focus groups as a part of the Child Sexual Abuse Strategic Action Project to begin and strategize about how to take on child sexual abuse (CSA) as a community and political issue.   One of the leading questions was: What will it take to end child sexual abuse within 100 years? Thirteen community meetings were held with over 100 leaders from Latino, Asian, and African-American communities, movement builders and community organizers, social service agencies, and adult survivors of child sexual abuse. Sara Kershnar, with her significant contribution to the role of trauma, drug use, child sexual abuse and Harm Reduction, joins with Staci and Gillian and the beginnings of the vision of gen5 starts to get formed.

2000  generationFIVE forms with a commitment to building the capacity within intimate networks to respond to andprevent child sexual abuse, and to shift the conditions that allow child sexual abuse to happen. The Community Response Project is the first initiative and consists of a year-long training for activists.

2001-3 generationFIVE creates a 5-generation vision, which deepens the analysis of the root cause of CSA, develops an analysis on trauma, cultivates allies across sectors and continues to look for the best ways to mobilize communities.

2004-6 generationFIVE gathers national groups to articulate a community-based, social justice response to childsexual abuse—Transformative Justice (TJ). The Atlanta Transformative Justice Collaborative forms through work with Raksha, CARA and Project South in Atlanta. In collaboration with the digital story telling project, generationFIVE creates digital stories on CSA.

2007 Toward Transformative Justice is released at the United States Social Forum in Atlanta. The document lays out generationFIVE’s Transformative Justice model. gen5 host multiple workshops and is amazed at the reception to TJ and the intersection of personal & systemic transformation.

2008 The Challenging Male Supremacy Project in New York and the Bay Area Transformative Justice Study into Action launch using the Transformative Justice model.

2009-10 generationFIVE turns inward for an assessment of its work, organization culture and impact. gen5 asks its constituencies for insight on the best role for gen5 and reassesses financial viability for long term, preventative, transformative justice work on CSA. gen5 leadership team hears and confirms they should keep going!

2010 An entire conference track at the 2010 USSF in Detroit is devoted to exploring Transformative Justice as an important model for social justice movements. gen5 led several heavily attended workshops and co-coordinate healing and somatics spaces. The Seattle Transformative Justice Collaborative forms through the organizing of The Capacity Project.

2011 The Bay Area Transformative Justice Collaborative launches as a core focus of gen5’s local work. New staff is hired and welcomed. A party is hosted with you!